3 Oil Kit - LeCrystal Clear, LeFocus, LeIQ


Learning with LaRee

LeCrystal Clear diffused or inhaled clears and energizes the mind and increases mental alertness. Effective when studying or needing to remember difficult or complicated data. It helps to organize the thought processes, allowing more accurate recall later. Brings relief from headaches that are associated with hormone imbalances. LeCrystal Clear is one of the best essential oil blends for the treatment of impending shock.

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LeFocus is great for times of study or when you need to be extra alert. Useful for long periods on the computer when you are having difficulty concentrating. LeFocus is useful in overcoming negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors. These patterns of behavior get in the way of our ability to take responsibility for ourselves. It can also keep us from accomplishing our goals. LeFocus helps us become aware of and change these patterns.

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LeIQ alleviates mental fatigue and increases mental alertness, aids in concentration, and memory. LeIQ is useful when one is over-tired but must continue on until a project is completed. LeIQ contains frankincense, sandalwood, and helichrysum. These oils are high in sesquiterpenes and cross the blood/brain barrier to cleanse, nourish, and carry oxygen to the brain. Stimulating and helpful when feeling faint, shock, and jet lag.

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3 Oil kit - LeCrystal Clear, LeFocus, LeIQ

Essential Oils 10ml (3)
LeCrystal Clear, LeFocus, LeIQ

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