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For students, teachers, athletes, or anyone needing a mental and emotional boost. Whether you are going to school, sending your kids to school, working, raising a family, teaching home school, going through a change in your life, or struggling with the changing of the seasons, this kit can help you and your family. This is an amazing kit for anxiety, helping you deal with pressure, and boosting your ambition. It will help you reach your goals. It helps us be healthy, stay focused, and allows us to learn easier, making school fun, safe, and the best it can be for every student. It comes with sample bottles making it convenient to send oils to school with your kids, or keep in your purse or pocket.
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Achievement Kit

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5ml Essential Oil 
LeAmbition, LeAssurance, LeDeliverance, LeIQ, LeMillenia,LeTranquility, LeVictory, Lavender

1 oz Hand Sanitizer, Butterfly Express Key Chain with 8 2ml empty bottles

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