LeBeMine Essential Oil


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The high notes of citrus add happiness and cheer to this blend while the Vanilla CO2 and Benzoin add stability and deep contentment with its warm, welcoming, velvety richness. It is a very grounding blend bringing feelings of peace, joy, and contentment. It promotes feelings of love and gratitude for our partners making it a great oil to add to those special moments with your Valentine. February can often be a hard time of year for wintertime depression and LeBeMine was blended with the intent to help you see that spring is just around the corner and you have support from all of nature’s wonderful remedies. It is an excellent blend to diffuse to help set a loving, positive, and hopeful atmosphere in your home.

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BeMine Essential Oil

Ingredients: Benzion, Bergamot, Vanilla C02
Similar Blends: LeHeart Song, LeBabyMe, LeSegoLily
Other Oils to Consider:  
Resonance: emotional, spiritual, mental
Aroma: Floral, Citrus
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