Color Blessed Water Kit


Learning with LaRee

Color remedies work predominantly on our etheric bodies—the aspect of our energy field that acts as a conduit for energy to enter and work with our physical bodies. The previous sentence is a good description of chakras, and it would seem that color remedies directly influence our chakra centers. Chakras are very sensitive to color and produce colors which vary according to the state of balance they are in at the time. Color remedies produce very different reactions in each individual, according to the person’s personality. Some of the colors work more physically, others work more subtly on the emotions that were behind the physical manifestations.
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Kit Insert

Color Blessed Water Kit 

Comes in:
Travel case is a sturdy, padded little case, to carry with you wherever you go! Securely sewn elastic strips fit around the necks of 10 Blessed Waters. Approximately 6" x 2" x 3½".

Blessed Water 2dram (10)
Green, Indigo, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red, Spectrum, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow

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