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Using Essential Oils for cleaning is one of my favorite ways to use them.  I love that I am not using harsh chemicals and I know I am killing the nasty germs.  I love the fresh citrus lemon and orange scent. 

Here are my favorite ways to use the oils in this kit for cleaning and disinfecting.  

1. You can fill the spray bottle with straight essential oil. If you are using straight essential oil you will need to get the area that you are cleaning wet before lightly spraying the area with your essential oils. This way you are mixing your essential oils with water on the surface to be cleaned rather than in the bottle.

2. The second way is to dilute the essential oils in the spray bottle. You can use water, vinegar, alcohol, or a combination of these to mix with your oils. The amount of essential oil you add depends on how strong you want your mixture to be. For an 8oz spray bottle, you can use anywhere from 30 drops of essential oil for a light cleaning spray, to an ounce or more of essential oil for a heavy duty spray. Keep in mind that essential oil and water do not mix, so you will need to shake your spray bottle before use and in between spraying.
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Cleaning Kit


Essential Oils 16oz (2)
Orange Sweet

8oz Industrial Spray Bottle

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