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Melissa has a youthful, revitalizing effect on the body and spirit. It opens our ability to see and understand the truth. The aroma of Melissa oil helps us receive insights for living our daily lives. It promotes feelings of compassion and love for life. Melissa is beneficial to emotionally sensitive individuals. Melissa is considered to be one of the most powerful antiseptic and medicinal essential oils. Useful against various strains of flu virus, smallpox, herpes simplex lesions (cold sores), and mumps.
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Melissa Hydrosol

Available In: Hydrosol, Essential Oil PureEssential Oil Rectified, TinctureDry Herb Pack
Part utilized: Flowers
Latin Name: Melissa officinalis
Handling and Shelf Life: Like essential oils hydrosols should be stored in a cool, dark place. Limiting their exposure to sunlight, UV rays and heat will prolong their shelf life. They can be refrigerated - but not frozen - to gain an even longer lifespan.
What is a Hydrosol: Simply, it is the water created by the condensing steam that was used to steam distill essential oils. Since hydrosols contain some essential oil molecules they have similar properties to the essential oil that was distilled through them. Sometimes a company will distill an essential oil JUST for the resulting hydrosol. Hydrosols are already diluted and ready for use, usually through misting onto the skin where they are easily absorbed.
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