Neem Virgin Carrier Oil


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Neem Carrier is a virgin cold-pressed carrier oil extracted from the fruit kernels of the Neem plant. Natural variation in color ranging from golden yellow, orange, or dark greenish-brown is normal for this carrier.

Some people find the aroma of Virgin Neem Oil to be VERY powerful, VERY unpleasant, and VERY herbaceous. It has been likened to a mixture of peanut and garlic aromas. Despite the aroma, many people still consider it worth using because of its many amazing properties. Blended with other carrier oils, Neem can be used as an effective skin moisturizer. It can also be used to soother itchy, inflamed skin. It is recommended for a variety of rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and even for burns. Neem Oil is said to have strong regenerative properties that stimulate hair follicle growth and function. The regular application promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hair and is used to stop thinning hair issues.

Neem is a thick carrier oil and can even be almost solid when cold. Because Neem is so potent and so thick, it is rarely used alone. It is a good idea to mix Neem with other carrier oils. Jojoba or coconut work well but your personal favorite from among the carrier oils would likely also be a good choice.

Because of its potency, Neem - even as a carrier oil - should be kept out of the reach of children.

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Neem Virgin Carrier Oil

Available In: Carrier Oil Virgin
Latin Name: Azadirachta indica
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed -Virgin
Consistency: Semi-solid
Part utilized: Seed
What is a carrier oil: Carrier or base oils are often applied in conjunction with an essential oil. The common industry term for carrier oils is fixed oils. These oils are made from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and flowers. They are considered by many to have therapeutic properties of their own.

Carrier oils are used for several different reasons. One major reason is that pure essential oils are often too concentrated to be applied undiluted to the skin. Adding essential oils to a carrier oil also allows the oil to be spread over a larger application area and to be absorbed more evenly. Many essential oils are quite expensive, and because they are so highly concentrated, one or two drops may be all that you need. The use of a smaller quantity of essential oil is often more beneficial than a larger quantity and is certainly less likely to cause any type of reaction. Read More About Carrier Oils
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