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A cleanse done with proper supporting herbs should not cause feelings of discomfort while you are doing it. Cleansing shouldn’t leave you feeling tired, out-of-sorts, or less than alert when you are finished. The trick here is to balance system cleansing and strengthening efforts in the proper proportions. This can be done easily if one pays attention to the signals the body is sending. The additional essential oils and clay in this kit make it a more effective cleanse kit than the regular Reset Kit.
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Kit Insert 
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Doing a Cleanse Right

Reset Plus Kit

Comes In: The Storage Box 30ml-50ml (16 hole)
Contains: Essential Oils 5ml (2) 
LeIQ, LeRevitalize

Other (1) 
Redmond Clay 10oz

Tinctures (4) 

Carrier Oil (1) 
Coconut MCT Oil 2oz
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