Butterfly Expressions

is focused on education and outreach. Providing education and understanding about herbal medicines and essentials oils is just as important as providing good quality, affordable products. Butterfly Expressions teaches a variety of classes. For schedules and times please click here. Many classes and educational videos are avalible on our youtube channel.

Essential Oil Information

Essential Oils Blends
Essential Oil Singles
Carrier Oils
Cross Reference
Chakra Chart
Children and Essential Oils
Instead of that try this . . .
Oils for Various Emotions
Meridian Chart
pH Balance and Essential Oils
Physical Emotional
Practical Uses for Essential Oils
Safety Guide for Essential Oils
Shelf Life of Essential Oils
Tests and Standards
Women's Health

Herbs - Salves Information

Herbal Combinations
Herbal Singles
Doing a Cleanse Right
How to Make Tinctures
How to Make Salves
How to Make Herbal Teas
How to Make Poultice - Compress
How to Make Liniments
"Making Herbal Medicine" video
Practical Uses



Blessed Water Information

Basic Principles
First Aid & Allergic Reactions
First Aid (pdf)
Medica (pdf)
Single Names (pdf)
Combination Names (pdf)


Health Matters

Adrenal Fatigue
Anxiety, Fear, Worry and Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue
Ear Infections
Gut Brain Connection
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Insect Bites
Lymes Disease
Poycystic Ovary Syndrome
Pets and Essential Oils
Whooping Cough

Body Systems

Circulatory System
Digestive System
Endocrine System
Glandular System
Immune System
Integumentary System
Lymphatic System
Nervous System
Respiratory System
Reproductive System
Reproductive System (Advanced)
        Puberty & the Menstrual Cycle
        Fertility Issues
        Healthy Pregnancy
        Miscarriage and Prevention
        Labor and Delivery
       Hormone Balance & Menopause
Urinary System


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