Herbs/Salves Information

Butterfly Express LLC manufactures, markets, and sells essential oils and other products.  Butterfly Express does not make any claims about the use or effectiveness of our products.  For your convenience, we provide ingredient information and cross-reference information so that you can learn what other people say about our products or similar products, but we neither endorse nor necessarily agree with any such commentary.

Much of the following information is provided by Butterfly Expressions.

Butterfly Expressions is focused on providing education and understanding about herbal medicines.  Butterfly Expressions teaches a variety of classes.  For schedules and times, please click here. Many classes and educational videos are available on their YouTube channel.

What Information is Available?

Herbs - Salves Information

Herbal Combinations
Herbal Singles
Doing a Cleanse Right
Understanding Herbal Preparations
How to Make Tinctures
How to Make Salves
Printable Salve Cards
How to Make Herbal Teas
How to Make Poultice - Compress
How to Make Liniments
"Making Herbal Medicine" video
Practical Uses
Tincture Dosages


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