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The major chakra of the hands (palmar) is located in the center of the palms with other, smaller chakras thought to be located at each joint, at the wrists, and at the tips of the fingers. The hand chakra is one of the ways that we interact with the world on an energetic level. Picture young lovers holding hands. The chakras in our hands allow healing energy to flow both in and out and are closely associated with the act of giving and receiving. Balance in the energies of the palm chakras allow us to give and receive both material things and emotional support. Healthy hand chakras manifest an openness, generosity, and creativity. Out of balance energy may manifest as a lack of creativity or a lack of connection with the world and with the people around you. The chakras in our hands can be used to soothe, strengthen, and support the energies of others. Underactive palm chakras may make us susceptible to illnesses passed, by hand, to us from others. Deficient energy here may render us unable to receive help from others or to be able to ask for help when we need it. We may be unable to give, being miserly with both our gifts and possessions. Over-active palm chakras may manifest as wanting to touch everything, wanting to buy or acquire more than we need, being unable to let go of others (children, for example) as they move on with their lives, and skin rashes or peeling palms.
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Hands Chakra

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