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Learning with LaRee

The Sacral Chakra encompasses the small and large intestines, genitals, reproductive organs, sciatic nerves, ovaries, and the sperm banks and creation sites, including the uterus and the prostate. The energy of the Sacral chakra includes the assimilation of nourishment from food as well as the acceptance of new ideas, both of which result in growth and the creation of new life. The Sacral governs the appetite and is involved, along with the Base chakra, with abundance issues. Emotionally, the balanced and unbalanced states of the Sacral are the polar opposites of suffering and unhealthy sacrifice of self for others and the enjoyment of service, pleasurable activities, happiness, and contentment. When out of balance or depleted is referred to as “The Martyr” because, while the person spends their life in service, they do so grudgingly and with resentment. A stiff or unyielding Sacral chakra suffocates the heart energy and results in some types of inappropriate speaking patterns. The person will either laugh at inappropriate times, be unable to express their needs or their deep emotions and may avoid verbal conflicts at all costs. Physical ailments may include constipation, back pain, cysts and fibroids, abnormal menstruation, infertility, and impotence.
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