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Abies nigra (black Spruce)
As if something hard was lodged in the cardiac end of the esophagus; wakeful at night with hunger; digestive problems of the elderly, with functional heart symptoms; low spirits and unable to think or study; lungs feel as if they cannot be fully expanded.
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Keynotes: stomach disorders—pain in the stomach always occurs after eating; constipation; tachycardia.
Sankaran Mentals:  A sense of being more fragile than most, accompanied by intermittent attacks of panic due to the possibility of being broken or disconnected from things that are important to them
Miasm:  Ringworm
Comparisons: China officinalis, Bryonia alba, Pulsatilla nigricans, Nux vomica, Kali carbonicum, other conifers such as Thuja occidentalis, Sabina officinalis
Family: Conifers
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