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Abrotanum artemisia (southernwood)
A very powerful children’s remedy. Malnutrition in children, with failure to thrive. Intense indigestion. Ravenous appetite but emaciation, nevertheless. Alternating diarrhea/constipation. Movement of symptoms from place to place—for example, pain first in one joint and then others. Weakness after an illness.
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Keynotes: Great appetite but emaciated anyway, particularly in the lower limbs. Progression of symptoms throughout the body or system. Food passes undigested.
Sankaran Mentals:  Feeling oppressed and suffocated by an injury, hurt, or insult.
Miasm:  Tubercular

Scrophularia nodosa, Bryonia alba, Natrum muriaticum, Iodum purum, China officinalis, Ledum palustre, Nux vomica

Family: Compositae/Asteraceae
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