3 Oil Kit - LeIntensity, LeMillenia, LePatches


Learning with LaRee

LeIntensity was created with oils that are great for pain management, muscle relaxation, re-establishing good blood supply to tissues, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing. This blend is amazing for any kind of physical pain, and any muscle or connective tissue injury. The Capsicum in this blend makes it especially beneficial for arthritis. LeIntensity is good for improving mood and mental clarity. It can help with nervous depression, bringing warmth and light to your heart and emotions.

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LeMillenia helps one find the courage to move forward with confidence and faith. It brings clarity about what is really necessary for happiness and contentment. "Chiropractor in a bottle" but LeMillenia aligns so much more than just physical structures. LeMillenia aligns the electrical energies of the body, balances every meridian, and energizes every chakra. LeMillenia maintains the integrity of the connective tissues that wrap, connect, and protect every organ and balances the emotions.

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LePatches was designed for the repair and healing of damaged tissues, tendons, and ligaments. Strongly anti-inflammatory, making it effective in restoring motion to inflamed and swollen joints. Promotes quicker and more complete healing by inducing oxygen and blood flow to the injured tissue. Used for sports and other injuries, muscle spasms, torn ligaments and tendons, bruises, and bursitis. Useful for headaches that are produced by tension or stress.

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3 Oil kit - Intensity, Millenia, Patches

Essential Oils 10ml (3)
LeIntensity, LeMillenia, LePatches

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