Blessed Thistle Tincture

Cnicus benedictus
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Blessed Thistle is one of nature’s best hormone balancing herbs. Often thought of in connection with nursing mothers, it is also useful for most types of menstrual difficulties. The bitters in Blessed Thistle aid the digestive tract and are known to have antimicrobial activity. Blessed Thistle strengthens the immune system and hinders the formation of abnormal cells. This makes it potentially useful for people with cancer, and in the prevention of the growth of scar tissue. Blessed Thistle is wonderful for fevers in nursing mothers without reducing their milk supply as a side effect of the fever and sweating.

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Blessed Thistle Tincture

Latin Name: Cnicus benedictus
Ingredient In: ESS, FSW, NF, PHB, YW
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack
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Practical Uses
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