Comfrey Mix Tincture

Symphytum officinale

Learning with LaRee

Comfrey Leaf and Root are often used interchangeably although the root is considered to be stronger than the leaf. Comfrey Root is used in all formulas in this book. Personally, I love the leaf for use as a tea, or as a soak or poultice for injured body parts. Comfrey Leaf should be harvested before the plant flowers as, once a plant flowers, the predominant energy of the plant has moved into the flowering part. Leaves late in the fall also lack medicinal value because the strength of the plant has returned to the root.

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Comfrey Mix Tincture

Latin Name: Symphytum officinale
Ingredient In: APL, BHM, IBL, PL, PT
Available In: Tincture Mix, Dry Herb Pack Mix, Tincture Leaf, Dry Herb Pack LeafTincture RootDry Herb Pack Root 
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