3 Oil Kit - LeAmplify, LeMint Splash, LeStimulate


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LeAmplify was originally formulated to be added to other blends to “amplify” their healing and pain-relieving properties but is also wonderful to use all by itself.

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LeMint Splash is a wonderful blend to help improve your mood and outlook on life. Excellent for the respiratory system. LeMint Splash helps to open the airways, making it helpful for asthma, colds, and coughs. LeMint Splash will help clear lymphatic congestion and bring oxygen to the cells. This promotes healing. Another amazing benefit of LeMint Splash is its ability to boost your immune system and purify the air. This is a great oil to diffuse during the cold and flu season.

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LeStimulate is wonderful for nourishing the nervous system and may be helpful to the vagus nerve by gently stimulating it. LeStimulate is excellent for boosting the immune system, detoxifying, and strengthening or rebuilding after an illness or injury that has left you feeling depleted.  LeStimulate improves memory and alleviates mental and physical exhaustion. This is a good oil to diffuse when studying. It is helpful when you are feeling run down, depressed, or just need a boost of vitality.

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3 Oil kit - LeAmplify, LeMint Splash, LeStimulate

Essential Oils 10ml (3)
LeAmplify, LeMint Splash, LeStimulate

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