LeAmbition & Palm Oil Special

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Learning with LaRee

LeAmbition is a wonderful rejuvenating blend. This is an oil that brings balance to the soul. It energizes the mind and opens communication between body systems as well as our communication with others. LeAmbition cultivates a feeling of self-worth. LeAmbition is a whole body rejuvenator and is a great pick-me-up. Promotes the ability to move forward in achieving one's goals, while being mindful of the needs of others.

Fractionated Palm Oil is very similar to fractionated Coconut oil. Both of these oils are inexpensive, absorb quickly, have almost no aroma at all and have a very long shelf life at room temperature without rancidity. These carrier oils do not go rancid, even in the summer months! Other advantages of fractionated Palm and Coconut oils include: odorless and colorless; absorb readily into the skin, leaving no residue; do not stain clothing and easily wash out of clothing and bedding; although absorbing very quickly, liquid coconut oil and palm oil are excellent skin moisturizers; rarely aggravate existing skin problems such as fungal or bacterial infections; do not clog pores. Palm Oil is even less expensive than fractionated Coconut Oil, and for topical use Palm Oil is a great choice. If you are using one of these oils internally for the MCTs, Coconut Oil is said to be slightly healthier.

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LeAmbition & Palm Oil Special

10ml LeAmbition Essential Oil, 2oz Palm Carrier Oil

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