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GENTIAN AMARELLA (gentian) Emotionally Gentian personalities, in an out of balance state, tend to exaggerate the small setbacks and tiny “molehills” in life and relationships into major events and calamities. Viewing life in this way sets them up for doubts and discouragement, angry outbursts, and often prevents them from enjoying their lives and their relationships.
ALPINE LILY (flower essence) For balancing the interaction between Yin (feminine/passive) and Yang (male/aggressive) energies. This interplay is basic to our mental and physical health and governs our personality style.
STICKY MONKEYFLOWER (flower essence) In today’s society violence, anger, and manipulation are often portrayed as positive attributes (or at least acceptable, maybe he will change behavior), especially in relationships between men and women. This essence addresses these inappropriate emotions and behaviors, helping us feel and express deep feelings of love and togetherness. Promotes genuine love and compassion, particularly in the expression of sexuality.
LARKSPUR (flower essence) In this personality is seen the polar opposites of leadership characterized by joyful service with contagious enthusiasm and leadership that is distorted by burdensome dutifulness with self-centeredness and self-aggrandizement.
LARCH (flower essence) Larch is particularly healing to the throat (communication and creativity) chakra and can help us communicate our needs effectively, appropriately, and with confidence. Larch is suited for those whose poor self-esteem causeS them to appear hostile or judgemental in their relationships with others. Larch can alleviate expectations of failure and fear of trying or even beginning to try.


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