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With absolutely no water added, full-strength Fairchild’s by Golden Valley Vinegar delivers 25 percent more pure ACV per bottle, allowing consumers to dilute - or not! - to taste. Undiluted is sustainable - our higher concentration of ACV means less packaging, thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Most vinegar companies are bottlers, not makers, and must rely on others to make their vinegar. Fairchild’s is fully-integrated. Owner Roger Fairchild, with 47 years of experience, learned the art of vinegar making under his uncle, L.C. Fairchild. Now he and his longtime friend, General Manager Lupe Leos, oversee every step. They work directly with growers, truck the apples from Washington to Idaho, and craft the finest full-strength Unpasteurized Organic ACV with the Mother.

We bottle our finished product in our Fruitland, Idaho, plant and deliver it directly to our customers. Start to finish, we are hands-on to make sure you get the very best Organic Apple Cider Vinegar!

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