Bee Pollen Dry Herb Pack

Apis mellifera

Learning with LaRee

Taking Bee Pollen regularly is said to reduce the risk of stroke, especially in people who are taking anti-inflammatory drugs or oral contraceptives that increase the risk of strokes. Bee Pollen makes an excellent supplement for pregnancy because it is so nutritious. The nutrients in Bee Pollen include 22 amino acids, all of the identified vitamins, folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, and the trace minerals that have been identified as essential to the body. Some of these nutrients and trace minerals are very important and several of them are not manufactured in the body. Among the nutrients in Bee Pollen are all of the major antioxidants that have been identified by science so far. Bee Pollen is approximately 40% protein. These proteins are readily absorbed by the body without the need for a lot of further metabolizing.
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