Benzoin Essential Oil

Styrax tonkinensis

Learning with LaRee

Benzoin is useful for persons who feel unloved (or undeserving of love), even when surrounded by family and friends who love them deeply. Benzoin creates soft, warm, fuzzy feelings in the heart. It is like coming home at last from far away. Benzoin has a pronounced effect on congestion, literally "melting away" blockages in the lungs, lymphatic vessels, and intestines. Benzoin is thick and viscous and is often used as a fixative to stabilize the aroma of oils and perfumes made from more volatile ingredients.
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Benzoin Essential Oil

Ingredient In: LeBelieveLeDreams, LeHoliday SpiritLeIntentionLeSego Lily
Available In: Essential Oil
Included in Kit: Singles Collection
Botanical Name: Styrax tonkinensis
Country of Origin: Not Given
Extraction Method: steam and solvent
Part Utilized: resin
Plant Family: Ericaceae
Aroma: The aroma of benzoin is slightly woody with a strong vanilla scent.
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