Blue Tansy Essential Oil (Tanacetum annuum)


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Learning with LaRee

Blue tansy regulates the flow of vital energy throughout the body. As the energy in the body travels more freely, a feeling of peaceful solitude is created in our minds and heart. We are better able to handle stress, and feel less threatened and overwhelmed. We feel more gratitude for our health and our families. Adds pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to blends in which it is included. Blue tansy relieves nervous tension and is used, in very diluted form, for itchy skin conditions.
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Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Ingredient In:
LeAngel,  LeDreams, LeLetting Go, LeLife Force, LeLivN, LeMillenia, LeRevitalize, LeTranquility

Available In:
Essential Oil

Botanical Name:
Tanacetum annuum

Country of Origin:

Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled

Part Utilized:
Leaves, Flowers

Plant Family:

Blue Tansy is a sweet smelling and very relaxing oil.

Blue Tansy is better used as part of a blend.

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