Bountiful-Energy 5ml Gift Bag


Learning with LaRee

LeBountiful  is intended to create feelings of security, generosity, and thankfulness. These feelings then bring the blessings of heaven down on our heads. LeBountiful aids us in thinking clearly about money issues and lessens the stress in these areas. One of the most outstanding effects of this blend is the feeling of abundance that it creates in our minds and spirits. LeBountiful helps us eliminate the tendencies to greed and selfishness.
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LeEnergy Essential Oil can aid us in making decisions and taking responsibility for our own lives and actions. It moderates our need for the attention and approval of others. Sometimes, in our zeal to keep those around us safe and happy, we have a tendency to become overly controlling. LeEnergy can help us temper these tendencies with a dose of reality. Increases circulation, strengthens the adrenal glands, improves energy levels and mental alertness naturally.
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Bountiful-Energy Gift Bag


5ml Essential Oils in a small organza gift bag

LeBountiful, LeEnergy

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