Calcarea sulphurica Tissue Salt #3

Potency: 5X

Learning with LaRee

Calcarea sulphurica (Calc sulph.) Function; blood purifier and healer that removes waste products from the blood. Aids in the production of bile and the proper digestion of fats.
Deficiency symptoms: pimples, sore throat, colds, all conditions arising from impurities in the blood, abscesses of any sort anywhere in the body, pneumonia, croup, and acne. Changeable mood, sudden loss of memory or consciousness, being absent-minded, increased irritability, discontented, full of fears, an anxiousness that is better for being outside. Calc sulph should be given whenever there is a wound or a sore with the potential for infection. Excellent for boils and for infected areas of the skin that just will not heal. Silica hastens the expulsion of infection and foreign materials while Calc sulph encourages the closing of the wound and the processing of the infection through the eliminative organs of the body. It is usually advisable to administer both Calc sulph and Kali mur should a Calc sulph deficiency occur.
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