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Cantharis vesicatoria (Spanish Fly)
Spanish fly has an effect on digestive, liver, urinary tract and abdominal complaints. The action of this remedy has to do with inflammations and swellings that burn and are violently acute. One of the very best remedies for burns as it helps the burn heal and lessons the amount of pain felt during healing. Cantharis is keynoted by inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract that are sudden and violently acute and is useful for any condition in which the urine is scanty and passes drop by drop with burning. Urine may include blood. Also indicated for inflammation of brain tissue, with paleness, and anxious restlessness seen in all situations. A keynote is a sudden loss of consciousness with the face becoming abnormally red. Cantharis is used to promote the expulsion of unwanted tissues (such as placenta bits after birth) from the uterus.
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