Capsicum Essential Oil

Capsicum annuum var frutescens

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The heat of capsicum essential oil can warm stiff joints, relax lower back pain and work to heal nerve damage, especially those caused from things such as shingles and sciatica. It is a great topical anesthetic as well. It may take repeated use over a period of a few weeks to begin to feel the neurological benefits. Capsicum may improve heart function and increase poor circulation. Capsicum essential oil can also strengthen digestion and lessen the gas and bloating that comes from eating heavy or greasy foods. Use with caution. Dilute very well before applying to the skin.
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Capsicum Essential Oil

Ingredient In: LeIntensity, LeTendaCare, LeVisibility, LeVitality
Available In: Essential Oil, TinctureDry Herb PackTincture MildBlessed Water
Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum var frutescens
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: Fruit
Plant Family: Solanaceae
Aroma: Capsicum has the characteristic pungent odor of chili peppers.
Cautions: Use with caution. Avoid excessive use. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Dilute very well before applying to the skin.
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