CART Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Cartilage Formula)
Size: 4.5oz

Learning with LaRee

CART contains herbs that supply nutrients needed for the repair and rebuilding of cartilage whether in the back, knees, or other joints. If the situation has progressed quite far and there is a compressed or fused disc (not medically fused or a rod inserted), it is imperative to add Red Clover tincture to the regimen. The Red Clover needed is the single herb, not the RC combination. The Red Clover is used to separate and repair the discs and remove build-up in the joints. Red Clover is not added to this formula because a lot of Red Clover is needed. For every dropperful of the CART blend needed, at least 2 dropper fulls of Red Clover should be taken.
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