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Castor oil is a very thick oil and is often mixed with another carrier oil such as almond or coconut. Castor oil is very hydrating and moisturizing for the skin and has been used for such skin conditions as psoriasis. It even has some antimicrobial and anti bacterial properties that may be helpful in reducing acne. Castor oil can stimulate tissue growth and can be used on wounds to create a moist and protective layer that helps promote healing and keeps sores from drying out. Castor oil is also used for keeping hair soft and hydrated and may help reduce dandruff symptoms. Studies have shown that castor oil applied topically reduces inflammation and can even help relieve pain. One study found that castor oil, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, effectively relieves arthritis symptoms. Another study found an increase in T cells over a seven hour period after the application of castor oil. Castor oil for internal use has both strong advocates and equally strong opponents. That is likely because the castor bean contains both healing properties and properties that are strong to the point of being destructive.
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Castor Carrier Oil

Available In:
Carrier Oil

Latin Name:
Ricinus communis

Extraction Method:
Expeller Pressed


Part utilized:

What is a carrier oil:
Carrier or base oils are often applied in conjunction with an essential oil. The common industry term for carrier oils is fixed oils. These oils are made from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and flowers. They are considered by many to have therapeutic properties of their own.

Carrier oils are used for several different reasons. One major reason is that pure essential oils are often too concentrated to be applied undiluted to the skin. Adding essential oils to a carrier oil also allows the oil to be spread over a larger application area and to be absorbed more evenly. Many essential oils are quite expensive, and because they are so highly concentrated, one or two drops may be all that you need. The use of a smaller quantity of essential oil is often more beneficial than a larger quantity and is certainly less likely to cause any type of reaction. Read More About Carrier Oils

Carrier Oil Allergy Information

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