Cayenne/Hawthorn Dry Herb Pack

Size: 4.5oz

Learning with LaRee

Use alcohol that is 100 proof or higher. Cayenne requires a higher percentage of alcohol to water in order to pull the medicinal properties well. Use fresh or whole dried cayenne peppers, rather than the powdered form. Tincturing powdered herbs creates a muddy mess. Tincturing cayenne as a powder leaves little grains of cayenne in your tincture, no matter how well you try to strain it. These little grains turn up in strange places—under your tongue, for example—and can burn quite badly. hawthorn is the leading remedy for anything connected to the heart and circulation because it dilates arteries, improving blood flow to all tissues, including the coronary arteries. Hawthorn is a valued remedy for high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and the poor circulation that often occurs as we age. Better circulation to the brain improves memory and lessens the confusion that poor circulation to the brain causes. Cayenne and hawthorn together make a powerful remedy.
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Cayenne/Hawthorn Dry Herb Pack

Ingredients: Cayenne, Hawthorn Berries
Available In: Dry Herb Pack, Tincture
Ratio: 1:5
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