Chaulmoogra Essential Oil

Hydnocarpus laurifolia

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Chaulmoogra is used in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema. It is also used for bruises, sprains, sores, and wounds. In England, it is recommended in treatments for tuberculosis. Chaulmoogra is sometimes used in the cosmetics industry to even the pigmentation of the skin. The fresh, ripe seeds of this plant are reputed to contain an essential oil that has been used specifically in the treatment of the early stages of leprosy. This has been documented in several countries over a period of several hundred years.

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Chaulmoogra Essential Oil

Ingredient In: Chaulmoogra is not an ingredient in any Butterfly Express, LLC, blend.
Available In: Essential Oil
Botanical Name: Hydnocarpus laurifolia
Country of Origin: N/A
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: seeds
Plant Family: Achariaceae (formerly Flacourtiaceae)
Aroma: Chaulmoogra has a pleasantly mild, woody aroma.
Cautions: Non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. There is not enough information available to declare it safe for pregnancy, however. Caution is advised with pregnancy and small children.
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