Citronella Ceylon Essential Oil

Cymbopogon nardus

4oz and larger bottles are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use.
For More information see the Bottle Size Usage Guide.

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Citronella's bright, fresh aroma is nourishing to the spirit. It is also stimulating to the cardiovascular system. Citronella increases the heart rate when it is abnormally low. The aroma of citronella is recognized around the world as an insect repellent. Citronella can be used safely as an antiseptic to sanitize and deodorize surfaces being used in food preparation. Citronella oil is used for colds, flu, fatigue, headaches, migraines, and neuralgia.
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Which Citronella should I choose?

Most literature does not distinguish between Citronella Ceylon and Citronella Java. However, Java has a much higher level of the component responsible for the insect repellent properties of Citronella oil.

Citronella Ceylon Essential Oil

Citronella Ceylon

Ingredient In:
LePurify,  LeSunburst

Available In:
Essential Oil

Included in Kit:
Singles Collection

Botanical Name:
Cymbopogon nardus

Country of Origin:

Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled

Part Utilized:
Leaf (Grass)

Plant Family:

Citronella's bright, fresh aroma is nourishing. The aroma of citronella is recognized around the world as an insect repellent.

Too frequent use of citronella on the skin can cause contact sensitization and irritation. Citronella should be used with caution during pregnancy.

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