Potency: 6X

Learning with LaRee

Balance in the Crown Chakra is the ultimate balance in and between all of the chakras. The crown chakra, when healthy and balanced, opens us to the light of Heaven and enables us to be guided and inspired in all that we do. We walk the path that is ours with peace and enthusiasm. We recognize both our strengths and our weaknesses but without guilt—with only a great desire to be better today than we were yesterday. Balance here comes from the weeding out of imperfections in ourselves through the acknowledgment of our dependence on the Savior and His Atonement. Out of balance in the Crown Chakra is negativity, judgment, manipulation, unkindness, and insincerity. Imbalance in the Crown chakra leads to pride, arrogance, and self-importance. Problems in this chakra may manifest as depression, mental fog, fatigue, disinterest in life, migraines, chronic headaches, greed and materialism, sensitivity to light and sound, neurological or endocrine system disorders, boredom, frustration, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, and a variety of mental disorders.
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Crown Chakra

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