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ER911 3X (please see Rescue Remedy)
ER911 is the Bach flower essence formula known as Rescue Remedy or Five-Flower Formula but with Arnica montana added. Just like Rescue Remedy, ER911 is most effective when used during any trauma or emergency, by helping the person cope with extreme pain and shock. This remedy is also effective for extreme fatigue of physical or emotional cause. Like Rescue Remedy, ER911 is useful in hysteria, such as that of a small child who has been stung by a bee or a person who has suffered a severe trauma. The addition of Arnica makes it even more effective and a specific for blunt force trauma and bruising as well as being helpful for the confusion that is so much a part of the Arnica symptom picture.
ARNICA MONTANA (leopard’s bane) Arnica is the #1 remedy for trauma and all of its effects, recent or remote. Other conditions for which Arnica is indicated in the materia medicas are tumors in many parts following injuries, compound fractures, influenza with sore bruised muscles, mental or emotional shocks, never the same since a trauma, fright or grief, head injury or strokes that affect mental functions, hematoma, strain on the heart from violent running, and palpitations aftershock or injury.

The mental and emotional symptoms include fear of the approach of anyone, many fears, and mental issues from head injury or strokes.


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