EUST Dry Herb Pack

(Eustachian or Red Root/Cleavers Formula)
Size: 3oz

Learning with LaRee

This is a great eustachian, ear, and sinus formula. Two people, several years ago, displayed allergic reactions to Red Root. In both cases, the reactions were severe and both people were made a lot more miserable than they already were from their illnesses. The reaction to the Red Root caused severe swelling of the sinus passages. We were slow to understand that a reaction to the Red Root was a problem because the symptom, swelling in the sinus passages, had been present earlier and was what they were taking the formula for. We waited patiently for a day or two for the remedy to take effect. Following the second incident, I began using Usnea instead of the Red Root. Usnea does not have the lymph draining properties of the Red Root, but is a great strep and fungal fighter. The Mullein, Poke Root, and Cleavers contained in this formula are more than sufficient to accomplish the needed lymph drainage.
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