LeFortitude Essential Oil


4oz and larger are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use. Store product away from direct sunlight with lids tightened to maintain the integrity of the product.

Learning with LaRee

Four of the blends contained in LeFortitude are physical healing and pain-relieving oils. The fifth blend, LeTranquility, is generally considered an emotional oil but also has some great physical aspects and is used for anxiety and to relieve migraine headaches. It's loaded with healing, muscle relaxing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as emotional support for the anxiety and stress that often comes along with being hurt or injured.  Reach for this blend when there are feelings along the lines of I will never be better.

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Fortitude Essential Oil


This is a blend of 5 other blends:
LeDeeper, LeIntensity, LePaine, LePatches, LeTranquility

Available In:
Essential Oil

Included in Kit:
Blends Collection

Other Oils to Consider:
LeAmplify, LeMillenia, LeTendaCare, LeWarmDown

Clean, Fresh, Minty

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