Fragonia Essential Oil

Agonis fragrans

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Fragonia essential oil is very relaxing and calming. It is great for anxiety and emotional stress, providing feelings of peace and tranquility. Fragonia can be used to release emotional blocks and past emotional trauma and is beneficial in lifting feelings of grief. Amazing results have been reported with respiratory disorders, whether in the sinuses or in the lungs, including asthma. Fragonia has been used to fight thrush and candida. Said to stimulate and enhance the immune system.

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Fragonia Essential Oil

Available In: Essential Oil
Botanical Name: Agonis fragrans
Country of Origin: Austrailia
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Part Utilized: Terminal branches
Plant Family: Myrtaceae
Aroma: Fragonia has an earthy fresh aroma similar to but sweeter than Tea Tree, with light Eucalyptus notes.
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