FSW Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Five/Six Week Formula)
Size: 3.125oz

Learning with LaRee

The forerunner of this recipe was created by Polly Block and Jeanne Johnson, two of the best herbal midwives I have ever known. I have come across similar recipes (though with only 4 or 5 herbs in them) over the years. The above herbs and proportions are the recipe as it evolved for me during my own years as a midwife. I am sure Polly and Jeanne had it perfectly formulated for their time (my own childbearing years). The dietary habits, drug histories, and the effects of chemicals and pollutants in our environment created the need for subtle changes (at least I thought so). This is the recipe as I have used it for quite a few years now. The herbs is FSW aid in preparing mother and baby for the upcoming birth. Take during the last 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy. Use 6 drops for the first week, 8 drops second week, 10 drops third week, then 12 drops until the due date. This dosage is taken twice a day. Doing so really does make a difference to the length of an otherwise normal labor, speeds recovery time, and helps the woman avoid postpartum depression.
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