Ginkgo/Dong Quai Dry Herb Pack Wholesale

Size: 4oz

Learning with LaRee

Both Ginkgo and Dong Quai bring circulation and nutrients to the brain and the nerves that feed it. Together they are useful for improving memory and concentration. They do this by rebuilding neural pathways in the brain. This is not a quick process. Many times I have heard people claim that one or both of these herbs didn’t help them. As I talked with them, I discovered that they took the herb for only a week or two before arriving at the conclusion that it was not effective. Some people, as they age, are prone to a series of small strokes (usually as a forerunner to a big stroke later on). It is believed that Ginkgo/Dong Quai, taken by people as they age, may reduce this tendency. My belief is that these conditions are nutritional issues.
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