Goldenseal Leaf Tincture

Hydrastis canadensis

Learning with LaRee

Typically it is the root (rhizome) that is used with Goldenseal. However, the root would be inappropriately strong for use as an eyewash, but the wonderful anti-infectious properties of this amazing herb make it essential to formulas designed to clear up eye infections and irritations. Goldenseal, added to an herbal formula, increases the tonic properties of the herbs for the specific organs that are being treated. This is much like the action of Lobelia. However, Goldenrod does not have the nervine properties associated with Lobelia, and sometimes those nervine properties are not needed or would be overwhelming.

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Goldenseal Leaf Tincture

Latin Name: Hydrastis canadensis
Available In: Tincture Leaf, Dry Herb Pack Leaf, Tincture Root, Dry Herb Pack Root, Tincture Mix, Dry Herb Pack Mix
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