Grab N' Go Essential Oil Kit


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The Grab N’ Go Essential Oil kit is part of the ‘Complete Grab N Go Kit’ and is just what it says; you grab n’ go for whatever needs may arise. Examples are colds, deep pain, cuts, snoring, kidney infection, depression, headache, insect bites, needing a chiropractor, toothache, shock, lowering cholesterol, moodiness, insomnia, problems breathing, onset of a stroke, diaper rash, and low blood sugar, just to name a few. This is the go to kit for just about anything. These oils are definitely essential to every day life.
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Kit Insert

Grab N' Go Essential Oils Kit 

Comes in:
The Small Bag. This bag will hold 19 bottles of oil and a 2oz squeeze bottle.

Color choices include Black, Blue, Burgundy, or Green 

Essential Oils 10ml
LeBaby Me, LeBreezey, LeDeeper, LeDeliverance, LeEndoRelief, LeHeartSong, LeInsideOut, LeMelaPlus, LeMillenia, LeMyGraine, LePurify, LeSunburst, LeTranquility, LeVitality, Helichrysum Angustifolia (5ml), Lavender Officinalis, Peppermint Piperita, Orange Sweet, Yarrow Blue

2oz Coconut Oil

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