Grab N' Go Tincture Kit


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A go-to tincture kit for all kinds of ailments to help keep the body from getting sick by nourishing it so it can work smoothly. This kit helps with sleeping, fighting off a cold, flu, strep or staph, and fevers. It helps heal breaks, sprains, and burns. It contains everything from infection fighters to nutrient builders and cleanses the whole body system. A great overall health product in an easy to Grab N’ Go Kit.
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Kit Insert

Grab N' Go Tincture Kit

Comes in: Storage Box 30ml-50ml (16 hole)
Contains: Tinctures 1oz (16) 
BBL, BHM, Cayenne, CC gly (2oz), Catnip/Chamomile gly, CD, IF, KB, KNA, LC, NS, RC, Rosehips, SS, Super C, WC gl (2oz)
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