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Learning with LaRee

The Heart Chakra includes the chest area, encompassing the heart as well as the blood and cardiovascular system, the thymus gland, vagus nerve, breastbone, scapula, respiratory diaphragm, as well as the arms and hands. The heart is the dominant organ and core of our physical and spiritual beings. The Heart chakra is all about love, and love is the center and most necessary ingredient of our lives. The balanced Heart chakra is able to love and serve others while allowing them the freedom to walk their own paths without judgment, resentment, and manipulation from us. This complete love, charity, will bring us peace and joy in our own lives. The heart, both the chakra and the physical organ, have no built-in systems of protection. They are designed to be completely open and vulnerable, able to love and be loved. Out of balance, the Heart Chakra either closes us off from others or makes us critical and judgmental. Trouble in the Heart Chakra often has its foundation in issues with mother/father love; we miss out on a lot of love and support because we expect love to be given in a certain form, while it is being given in another way. Physical issues include, of course, heart and circulatory problems, heart palpitations, heart attacks, angina, high blood pressure, and lung issues.
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Heart Chakra

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