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Eastern philosophy, most indigenous cultures, and Christian scriptures all teach that thought originates in the heart, not in the brain. Recent research by western scientists bears this philosophy out!

The heart chakra is the core of our physical and spiritual being just as the heart is the dominant organ of our physical bodies. Balance in the heart chakra will do a lot to improve and harmonize the energies of all of the other chakras, just as the entire body is influenced, for better or worse, by a weak heart.

The heart chakra is all about love; love is the center and most necessary ingredient of our lives. Loving and serving our fellow man and allowing them the freedom to walk their own paths without judgement, resentment, and manipulation from us will bring peace and joy to our own lives. The heart, both the chakra and the physical organ, have no built-in systems of protection. They are designed to be completely open and vulnerable, able to love and be loved, and this is how they are when we are balanced, happy, and feeling safe.

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