Potency: 5X

Learning with LaRee

Hornbeam Carpinus betulus (yellow/green)
Positive qualities: Unbounded steady state of energy; contagious enthusiasm; connection and joyful involvement in the tasks and events of daily life and work; ability to conceive and carry out new and exciting approaches to old tasks; sufficient strength to carry out life’s tasks. 
Patterns of imbalance: Fatigue, usually brought on by boredom and lack of connection and attention to the routines of daily life; weariness completely out of proportion to the health of the physical body; living beneath one’s potential; lethargy of mind and body; mild depression.
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Hornbeam Bach

Included in Kit: Bach Flower Essence Blessed Water Kit
More Information: Homeopathic Remedies I Book
Homeopathic Remedies II Book 

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