KNA Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Kelp/Nettles/Alfalfa)
Size: 3oz

Learning with LaRee

These three herbs contain all of the trace minerals, in adequate amounts and excellent proportions, that have been identified as vital to good health. These herbs are particularly high in absorbable calcium, natural iron that does not cause constipation, iodine, vitamin C, and vitamin A. In addition, Alfalfa contains a lot of a very usable form of protein, which is unusual in herbs. Vegans should pay particular attention and make it a habit to supplement their diets with Dulse or Kelp. Dulse and Kelp are very similar. I have started using Dulse in my recipes instead of Kelp because Kelp comes finely ground, almost powdered, and Dulse leaves come cut in larger pieces. Powders are harder to work with and tincture, and they do not hold their nutritional value as well.
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