KS Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Kidney Stone)
Size: 2.75oz

Learning with LaRee

Both Stone Root and Gravel Root are renowned around the world in widely divergent cultures for dissolving kidney stones so that they will pass more easily. By the time you realize that you have stones, they are usually large. By then they are often too large to pass without medical or herbal intervention. Sipping lemon juice in water and then lying on your back with your “butt” and feet elevated can back stones out of the ducts, relieve most of the pain, and buy you sufficient time to dissolve them using this formula. Lying on your back with your lower extremities elevated may need to be done more than once a day for as long as a couple of weeks before the stones are ready to pass. The pain level and that cold, sweaty feeling that accompanies stones in the ducts, will tell when it is time to lie down again. It only takes a few moments each time and, in my opinion, is a far better solution than surgery. I was introduced to this technique at a midwife convention. By lying on the floor, sipping lemon juice, I was able to stay for the rest of the 2 day convention and travel home in relative comfort—in a bouncy pickup truck!
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