Marjoram Essential Oil

Majorana hortensis

Learning with LaRee

Marjoram helps quiet obsessive worry where negative thoughts circle repetitively in the brain hour after hour. Helpful for those who seem to love being in the center of some sort of drama all the time. The aroma of marjoram oil can eliminate feelings of loneliness or persecution, replacing them with feelings of security, and even some compassion for others. Marjoram eases respiratory distress and infections such as bronchitis. It is often beneficial for spasmodic dry coughs. Use sparingly during pregnancy.
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Marjoram Essential Oil

Ingredient In: LeAspire, LeBalance, LeMyGraine, LeSolitude, LeTendaCare, LeVitality, LeWarmDown, LeWoman Wise
Available In: Essential Oil
Included in Kit: Foot Zoner KitLabor & Delivery KitSingles CollectionTherapy Kit
Botanical Name: Majorana hortensis
Country of Origin: Hungary
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: leaves
Plant Family: Labiatae
Cautions: Marjoram should be used sparingly during pregnancy.
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