Motherwort Tincture

Leonurus cardiaca

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Motherwort is a mild nervine and tonic herb with pronounced hormonal properties. Motherwort is used for painful, delayed, or suppressed periods. It is often used to encourage rhythmic, effective contractions during labor. This stimulating property is offset by strong sedative and relaxing properties, and the ability to relieve anxiety and tension. Motherwort is also used in formulas for the prevention of miscarriage. Motherwort is an excellent cardiovascular tonic. Motherwort will temporarily lower blood pressure, giving a person time to adjust diet and lifestyle to eliminate the problem altogether. The combining of Motherwort with Passion Flower makes an excellent substitute for the wonderful but unavailable (except in homeopathic form) herb, Lady Slipper. Motherwort should be used cautiously and sparingly during pregnancy, if at all, as it may stimulate bleeding.
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4oz and above are sold for restocking, they are not intended for daily use. Store product away from direct sunlight, with lids tightened to maintain integrity of the product.

Motherwort Tincture

Latin Name: Leonurus cardiaca
Ingredient In: ABF, AL, CB, FSW, MW, NS, NT, NV, VIB
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack 
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