Mountain Wormwood Alaskan Flower

Potency: 5X

Learning with LaRee

MOUNTAIN WORMWOOD (Artemisia tilesii)

Indications: unresolved anger and resentment; cannot easily forgive the self or others for past actions regardless of the intent behind them.
Healing Qualities: stimulates the healing of old wounds and the release of resentment; supports us in surrendering unforgiven areas within ourselves and in our relationships with others.
Emotional Considerations: Anger, Attachment, Compassion, Contentment, Death & Dying, Father, Forgiveness, Freedom, Peace, Relationships, Releasing, Resentment, Resolution, Surrender

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Mountain Wormwood Alaskan Flower

Available In: Blessed Water, TinctureDry Herb Pack
Included in Kit: Alaskan Flower Essence Blessed Water Kit
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